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Aaardvark is closing up shop after 47 years, and offering 50 percent or more off on all items in an effort to empty the store cluttered with purple wigs, witchy shoes, masquerade masks, 50s style bathing suits and much more. Read more here:

Metal band frontman Serj Tankian shares how he will one day explain the atrocities of the Armenian Genocide to his son, and how it has shaped his life on the 105th anniversary April 24, 2020. Read more here:

4 in Forty

A super-clickable roundup of eye-grabbing news stories from the KNBC4 Today in LA morning broadcast shared via Facebook. Heather generated the project from conception to implementation. The videos live on NBCLA’s Facebook page as well as


4 in Forty: From a heart-stopping explosion to a man shipping snow all over the U.S.
If you missed it on Today in LA — your top 4 in 40 seconds starts now.
Get all of your news and more at link | link


From the return of snow to SoCal to Christina Aguilera’s killer impressions.
If you missed it on Today in LA — your top 4 in 40 seconds starts now.
Get all of your news and more at link | link


4 in Forty: 26-foot-long dead gray whale found floating along a San Diego beach gets buried.
If you missed this story on Today in LA – your 4 in 40 seconds starts now. link | link

More examples can be seen at NBCLA’s Facebook Page or

Stunning visuals with a mix of need-to-know news: Heather published photos on NBCLA’s Instagram account to encourage viewers to watch Today in LA as well as follow NBCLA. Heather posted behind-the-scenes pictures in the studio, pictures from reporters in the field, NewsChopper4 aerials, breaking news as much more.


“Bear spotted in Monrovia! See more of the huge bear on #TodayinLA” | Instagram


“Feels like flying! Birdseye view from NewsChopper4 above downtown LA and the Disney Concert Hall. Get more views like these and news, weather, and traffic on #TodayinLA” | Instagram


“Someone might get pinched this St. Patrick’s Day! @crystalnbcla can’t wear green in front of the green screen. But she still has your forecast coming up on #TodayinLA. Happy St. Paddy’s!” | Instagram


“Ever wonder what the studio looks like behind the scenes? Take a peek!
@daniellanbcla @adriannbcla @hollynbcla and @davidnbcla are getting you ready for the day. Watch 4:30-7 a.m. #HappyFriday” | Instagram

“2014 in 15 seconds! Thank you for a wonderful year! See you in 2015.” | Instagram


10,000 Followers: “NBC4 is jumping for joy. Thank you.” | Instagram

6-second clips that entice the viewer to follow NBCLA on Vine and tune in to KNBC Channel 4 in Los Angeles.


Motorcyclist taunts police during pursuit from Highland to Ontario. How it all ended – on #TodayinLA” | Vine


A little gift from the sky on #StPatricksDay! @CrystalNBCLA says the sunrise isn’t the only gift – expect cooler temps today! #TodayinLA” | Vine


Ultimate milk shake! If you missed it on #TodayinLA – this cow’s got “mooves.” | Vine


Patrol car crashes during West Covina pursuit. Suspect holed up in a garage – watch on” | Vine


#thedress debate rages on. #whiteandgold or #blueandblack – @crystalnbcla and @daniellanbcla give reasons why they’re right on #TodayinLA” | Vine

Stop-Motion: In addition to generating and editing video clips in the heat of breaking news or during a live broadcast, Heather produced stop-motion videos for Instagram and Vine.


“#SpringAhead! The sun will set later thanks to Daylight Saving Time. Don’t forget to set your clocks one hour ahead before bed on Saturday. Or just don’t be surprised when your smartphone shows a different time Sunday morning.” | Instagram | Vine


“#Halloween is tomorrow and #TodayinLA wants to see your pictures!
Use the hashtag #Boo4You and we may show them on air tomorrow morning.” | Instagram | Vine

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