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Powered From Above: First Church in LA Archdiocese Gets Solar Panels

More Than 200 Sea Lions Beaching at SoCal Beaches

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‘Simpsons’ Sequel? All Strike And No Work Make Homer Something Something

Zac Efron Re-Takes the Dance Floor in ‘Seventeen Again’

Amy Redford Sees ‘Face Value’ of Nazi-Fighting Sex Symbol


I Ran Away From Gunfire: My Firsthand Account Of The USC Halloween Shooting

James Franco School Of Acting Holds Open Auditions

‘Bates Motel’ Reopens With Bloody Premiere Of Season 2

Q & A With Founder Of Walk N’ Rollers

For more, go to to NeonTommy.com and search for Heather Navarro.


Strange Wilderness Isn’t a Stoner Flick

Community Leader Commits Suicide

OC Farmers Market Offers Quaint Alternative

On-Campus Car Thefts

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